No Justice No Peace

Black Lives Matter. All lives matter is frequently clapped back. All lives most certainly do matter. Emphatically, unquestionably, indubitably. But right now, we are focused on the Black Lives lost and the injustice that has been visited upon the black community for 400 years. We are focused on the lives lost by George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, Ahmaud Arberry, and many more. There have been protests in the street for weeks across the nation against police brutality and the extrajudicious killings of black folk and white folk alike. Here, in a photo essay are some of the expressions of the protests and the outrage. All pictures were taken by me in Louisville, Kentucky where Breonna Taylor was gunned down in her own apartment by police who executed a “no knock warrant.” One of the officers who participated in the raid has been fired. No one has been charged. There still is no justice for Breonna.

18 thoughts on “BLACK LIVES MATTER

  1. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. Thank you for your photojournalism. Until the generals step out in front of their mercenary troops and walk among the villagers there will continue to be bloodshed. Those with the power will NEVER give it up willingly. The stock market is doing well.

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  2. Thank you for this photo essay. I only see things from the other side, in Africa, where so many lives have been tragically lost in the struggle for equality. Until ALL lives really do matter and are truly equal in value, opportunity, and expectation, Black Lives Matter is a necessary campaign and definitely worth protesting for.

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  3. People can say all lives matter but as I say in the piece special emphasis is place on black lives because that is the cause being highlighted due to the injustice perpetrated against the black community.


  4. Nice post, I agree, the color of a person skin has condemned the masses of that color. It’s very sad, but it’s true. To be white is safer and less suppressed. I’m white, but I’m Israeli, I sometimes don’t say where I’m from when I’m traveling because I’m afraid, but at least I have that option when I am afraid!

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  5. Yes, no justice no peace. But I think the movement to destroy the statue was not on the right track.
    Let the historical statues be a part of history itself. Indeed, history has its dark side, but that can not be erased just by destroying the statue.
    The important thing is what needs to be improved in the future to make a better world.

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