My Soul She Shrieks



My soul she shrieks and flings me down

Laughing maniacally

The wind picks up and lifts her dress

Teasing and pleasing me

All is nothingness, so she says

As she pins me to the bed

With a silver shaft of cold, cold steel

She runs me through and through.




I love to see the traces of the places you have been

it gives me hope in the possibility of seeing you again

the things you leave behind like a band for your hair

reminds me of the fact that once you were there.

Three Great Women

2016-01-25 12.52.51

I was talking to my young friend Elise the the other day and I was explaining to her about the three great women.

“You see, Elise, every man is promised three great women in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, I had all mine by the time I was 17.”

“So what are ya doing with me Frank?” She asked.

“I’m going for a bonus round,” I answered.

“Naw! Not with me. I’m a number one kinda girl. I don’t want to be number four!”

“I know what you mean, Elise. Now you know how I feel.”

Anybody know where I can get rid of a couple of used ash trays?