I love to see the traces of the places you have been

it gives me hope in the possibility of seeing you again

the things you leave behind like a band for your hair

reminds me of the fact that once you were there.

Three Great Women

2016-01-25 12.52.51

I was talking to my young friend Elise the the other day and I was explaining to her about the three great women.

“You see, Elise, every man is promised three great women in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, I had all mine by the time I was 17.”

“So what are ya doing with me Frank?” She asked.

“I’m going for a bonus round,” I answered.

“Naw! Not with me. I’m a number one kinda girl. I don’t want to be number four!”

“I know what you mean, Elise. Now you know how I feel.”

Anybody know where I can get rid of a couple of used ash trays?