Venus and Mars

Guest post by Robbin Caroll

Robbin Caroll. Photo Credit: Whitney Vale

The essence of his energy preceded his physical presence

He was unconditional love, understanding, and gentle strength

He was passionate, patient, and kind

His heart was full of tenderness and love, yet he was fiery and


He loved her like no other could

His fingertips ever so gently moving slowly over every curve and

inch of her body as he whispered “I love you, I love you, I love


He knew the shape of her body, the essence of her soul, the

workings of her mind, and the Goddess that layed within his grasp

He knew her inside and out

He saw what no other could see

The deepness of her heart and soul

The beauty she hid within the cold walls of her delicate being

He felt what no other could feel within the ethers of her limitless

and abundant heart and soul

She was mysterious and mystical, his Goddess and his nymph

She was his map and he was her soul’s great expedition

He left no stone unturned and no crevice unexplored

She could feel his touch ever so softly as her body started to

tingle within the warmth of her femininity

Her body defied her

She dropped her sword and shield

Removed her armor

And gave herself to him freely

She exhaled in ecstasy as he entered her divine sacred space

willingly, tenderly, gently, and passionately

Together their passions erupted and their sacred juices flowed

into beingness

The two light beings joining became one vibrant light of love in the

infinite universe…



Yab-Yum. Mother-father. Yin-yang. The mystical union of the active force (masculine) with wisdom (prajna or the feminine force). A fusion that is necessary to overcome the false duality of appearances in the striving toward spiritual enlightenment.