Of Cell Phones, Lap Tops, and Books


Young Parisian couple, about a generation apart, one reading a book the other a cell phone.

Before there were cell phones there were laptops. Before there were laptops there were TV screens.  Before there were TV screens there were books.  I’m reading a book right now, which is what I am usually doing. You would be surprised  how much trouble I used to get into just for reading books. I have been called anti-social. Bosses didn’t like it.  One of my wives tossed my books out into the backyard into a mud puddle. And my own mother come into my room one day, and tipped my bookcase over, spilling my books out onto the floor. What was a poor boy to do?


Most of the time nowadays people don’t seem to care much if I am reading a book. They are too busy with their own noses stuck into their cell phones.


Next time you get a chance, try reading a book. Remember, Mark Twain once said, those who do not read have no advantage over those who can’t read.


13 thoughts on “Of Cell Phones, Lap Tops, and Books

  1. I really like that Twain quote, though I suppose it is natural to do so given its bias toward reading. I lament for the books drowned in the mud puddle but, regardless, this was a great post!

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  2. I love books but miss newspaper reading. I have struggled this summer reading one book a week from fellow bloggers. I purchased books but expensive, I would not like reading on my phone and don’t have a computer nor tablet. The heft of a book is special and yet, I like my blogging friends who fall by the wayside when I read a book versus posts. It is a dilemma, Benn!
    You probably remember I work anywhere from 45-52 hours a week in a hot, dirty warehouse.
    My other pleasure is watching limited summer series, which are fascinating right now. Time is not able to be stretched while still working. . . Thanks for saying books are valuable, as a Ast middle school Language Arts teacher, words, current events, poetry, and books were so special. The last 9 years of my teaching (99-08) were picture books to preschoolers with developmental delays with four “peers” in each (am and pm) classes.

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