Are We Post Racism in America?


I take my moral courage and imagination from Albert Camus. He informs my thinking at every turn. In his writings in Combat he speaks about French racism as it relates to her then held colonies. What he says is every bit as applicable to the deeply held racist views of certain members of our own Republican party (most notably the Tea Party) when they talk about illegal immigration. It is impossible not to denounce this stupid and criminal malady that has reared its ugly head during recent political discourse and the debates.

Instead of focusing on what separates us from our Latin and Muslim brothers and sisters, let us focus on what unites us as people. There is something in each of us that cannot be despised without debasing ourselves. “It is necessary to state clearly that these signs of racism point to what is abject and senseless in the human heart. Only when we have vanquished that flaw will we win the difficult right to denounce tyranny and violence wherever it arises.”

7 thoughts on “Are We Post Racism in America?

      • Benn, if i shared about my teacher friend, who was black, while shopping in stores was followed. Her son was often followed even whrn she was a few steps away from him. A person/ white coworker called our cleaning woman the “N” word at work. She got fired. When told we could eat our lunch and watch the Presidential Inauguration no one came to the large conference room. ( Well, less than 20 out of 200.) Several coworkers have called my friend, retired Army man at work, “sloppy” and ” lazy. ” There have been more than just a couple churches having explosions or burned down at night with main population being African American. My Filipino friends tell me that they are talked down to by managers or store clerks. One whose husband makes a lot of money was told she would not be able to afford an appliance/television/ expensive dress. When she said, “Well, I do have a credit card for your store,” she was asked, “What is your credit limit?”
        Benn, sometimes it is passed down, like the really haunting song from “South Pacific,” about “You have to be carefully taught” to be prejudiced. I am sure there are many examples you have run into but you were hoping to get some dialogue going. I read most of my fellow bloggers’ writings over the weekend. I hope some people will stop by and as here or disagree! Good night and hope you have a nice weekend, Benn. 🙂


      • Hi Robin! Thank you for your response. Your examples are perfect illustrations of the fact that we are not post racism in America. In fact, sadly, I think things have gotten worse since Obama has taken office. It’s more of a refection on the electorate than it is him. I think Obama will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. I agree with you that racism is largely handed down and “carefully taught” from generation to generation. I hope things improve in the future but I don’t have high degree of confidence that they will.

        Anyway, I hope you are enjoying your weekend! My best regards to you! 🙂


      • Thank you. Benn, for your affirmation of my examples. I could go on, but this is best to agree and move forward with hope for the future. Have you seen the great article about President Obama in “Rolling Stone” magazine? I liked the cover photo and the one golden nugget they mentioned which shocked me: (paraphrased from memory) “Obama is the first ‘sitting’ President to visit Alaska.” They may have gone before presidency or post presidency but never during. Aldo, mentioned how the money brought to local and Native American Alaskan people was a good smount. They said something about the concept was thrown out to have Obama stand on a shrinking glacial mountain which is melting as part of photo opportunities for global warming and ecosystem support of animals up there but instead feature hum with salmon fishing women. I hope there may be hope to prevent the Alaskan pipeline but part of the action is already “inherited” from Bush administration. Take care and glad to see you on my tractor post. I have a few interesting essays from past years. One was about the extinction in our country of the yellow golden Carolina parakeets, Benn. Settlers shot them since they were eating their crops and even traveling in Conestoga wagons killed hundreds of these gentle birds who were native to southern America. Being named Robin I tend to listen to Sierra Club and on college petitioned to protect robins in Canada. 🙂

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