What’s For Breakfast?


Sunday September 20, 2015. Breakfast at Denny’s. Ordered the Santa Fe Skillet. Two eggs over easy. When I was a teenager and later a young man living in Louisville many years ago we would often go to the Waffle House after a late night out on the town. After I left Louisvile I never entered another Waffle House for 30 years. Never had the desire nor the inclination. Upon my return a few years ago several of my friends began waxing eloquent extolling the virues of eating at the Waffle House. They talked it up so big that my culinary curiosity got the better of me and I yielded to temptation. I actually visited a Waffle House one Sunday morning near where I live.

Big Mistake! It was just as awful as I remembered it. I barely made it home in time before my body nearly betrayed me, if you know what I mean.

So now, I just go to Denny’s. It’s not much better but it’s sufficiently middlebrow and the food is not bad especially the new skillets. I like Wid Eggs but they are really expensive, usually too crowded and a lit bit pretentious for my taste just have breakfast.


Louisville doesn’t exactly abound in Diners, which is actually my preferred place to eat. But I did recently find one in Old Louisville that I like. It may just become my new favorite place. I’s a joint called Burger Boy. Food’s good and they serve breakfast 24/7. It is loaded with atmosphere and intesting characters. My kind of place.

4 thoughts on “What’s For Breakfast?

  1. I am not sure if you have ever been Eastern Kentucky Smoky Valley truck stop? There is a great breakfast for a good price, in fact I was going to the natural bridge and other gorgeous places and we came back there over a 3 day weekend 4 times, different meals. My Dad used to sweep out the Waffle House in Covington, KY when a boy of age 11. (No child labor laws there cersus Ohio.) He considers the trucker who drove him home one night taking him up to the “hill” of U of Cincy and telling him he could go there on a scholarship and take a work grant engineering program and get his mother and he out of the inner city. Those words were so life changing. But, the food is not the special part 🙂 We even put it in his obituary! (He also chased my Mom for a few years at college. Lol)


    • My youngest daughter went to UD and her roommate,and best friend is from Louisville. Erin Zangari. Anyway, I like gong to state which have scenic places and your state is outstanding in natural wonders, including Mammoth Cave, of course. Did you know the poor bats caught something dangerous to their population, Benn? It is called “white nose syndrome,” human beings gave it to them through our touching things. 😦


      • Yes, I heard about the bats and their “whit nose syndrome.” I read an article which says scientists are on the verge of finding a cure for this fungal disease. That is encouraging.

        I recently hiked the Red River Gorge which is where the Natural Bridge is located. Such a beautiful wilderness area. I like the fact you are familiar with Kentucky’s natural resources and have been here before and actually have roots here. That’s pretty cool! Hope you come back sometime!


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