Last Night’s Debate


There was no clear winner in last night’s debate. But there was a clear loser. CNBC. The debate performance by the moderators was a complete disaster. They could not control the candidates, they talked over each other and they asked inane questions.

Trump held his ground and was not as bombastic as usual. He got in a good zinger against John Kasich early on.

Kasich sounded like an angry old man as he denounced the others in a strident tirade. Jeb is fading fast and will drop out before much longer. He is becoming an embarrassment. He is just not a good debater.

Cruz was his usual obsequious self ordering first a tequila then a Colorado Brownie, then offering to drive everyone home afterwards. He had a moment when he attacked the moderators for being less than substantive with their questioning to loud and approving applause.

Chris Christie looked good but continues to be a bully. Don’t expect him to be around much longer. Ben Carson was catatonic as usual and almost put his own self to sleep with his slow delivery and off the wall answers that went completely unchallenged. He outright lied about being involved with that supplement company.

Carly Fiorina absurdly claimed Hilary Clinton’s policies were demonstrably harmful to women. She speaks with a machine gun like cadence twitching her head side to side like she is spitting out bullet shells and blinking her eyes with every utterance.

Rand Paul is quickly fading into oblivion. He was positioned last in line at the edge of the stage as befits his poll numbers. He is becoming largely irrelevant.

Marco Rubio was prepared, on point, and proved to be an effective counter-puncher. He pretty much put Jeb Bush away in one of their exchanges. He is emerging as one possible contender when and if Trump and Ben Carson self destruct. I wouldn’t count The Donald out, however, he just might go the distance.

Mike Huckabee didn’t get much talk time. He is still Huck the Huckster, selling books and snake oil.

All in all pretty much of a debacle but made for fascinating reality TV. It is shame the fate of the country hangs in the balance.

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