Il Bidone (1955)

Movie Blurb

Il Bidone (The Swindle) Directed by Fredrico Fellini, starring Broderick Crawford, Richard Basehart, Giuletta Masina. This is a movie about a group of con men swindling poor people out of their money which they in turn spend on flashy cars, booze, and prostitutes. You know, the usual. Shot in the neo-realism style in post war Italy it is indicative of Fellini’s early work. It is book-ended by two other films of a similar vein: La Strada (1954) and Nights of Cabria (1957). These films comprise what has become known as the “Trilogy of Loneliness.” I always get a kick out of seeing American actors in some of these early European films. Broderick Crawford gives the performance of his career in Il Bidone. Not as good as the other two, but worth a look!

Broderick Crawford in Il Bidone
Richard Basehart and Broderick Crawford in Il Bidone
Giulietta Masina in Il Bidone

On the Criterion Channel and available on Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Il Bidone (1955)

  1. I saw La Strada not long ago and loved it. Richard Basehart was excellent in it. I learned that Giulietta Masina is Fellini’s wife. What a face. She holds the world in it. I’ll look for this one (and the other one of the trilogy) thru netflix’

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  2. I love Broderick Crawford. He was not your usual Hollywood actor. Spoke with him once and he was very standoff-ish, an admirable trait for well known personalities, I feel! Best regards Ghost Dog!


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