BlacKkKlanasman (2018)

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This has been a pretty good year for black filmmakers with Sorry to Bother You and Blindspotting coming out of Oakland, both very fresh, very original, and entertaining, each packed with a powerful punch. Here comes along a Spike Lee Joint. It is Spike’s best effort in years. The brother is back in full form and he has plenty of mojo to boot!

This brilliant film is based on the true story of a black police officer who infiltrated the KKK. It is very timely in its theme of white supremacists who want to take America back and to make America great again.

It is a reminder that White House is currently inhabited by white supremist racists and backed by David Duke and the KKK. Trump and Duke both make cameo appearances in the film as well as stock footage of the riots in Charlottesville where Trump smugly says there were some very fine people on both sides. Ha ha! Ho Ho!

This is a must see for everyone in America. Spike’s practiced hand is at the tiller of this skillfully wrought movie. It jumps immediately to my top 10 list and as of now it sits on top.

4 thoughts on “BlacKkKlanasman (2018)

  1. I watched this yesterday and wanted to let you know I agree with your review – A must-see, even though it made for difficult, uncomfortable viewing because of the subject matter. It’s part of history that should never be overlooked, no matter how shocking and disgusting, because what’s worse is that racism and the ‘clan’ have still got such pervasive grips on society (as we see at the very end of the film).

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    • Hi Caz. Thanks for getting back to me. Glad you liked the film too. I agree the subject matter was hard to take but sometimes it is important view the unvarnished truth. The grip white supremacy has a hold now is truly frightening. Hope you are doing well.

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