LOGAN (2017)



I can’t believe I let myself be seduced by the critics into watching this movie. It got an 8.9 on IMBD and 92% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. I give it a solid 7. There are many reasons this movie loses points with me chief of which it is based on a comic book! I have vowed to never again watch movies based on comic book characters. But no! I get dragged back in by all the hype! I liked comic books when I was a kid but when I grew up I put away childish things. Sure, this one had good writing and character development. Sure the movie had high production values and was very entertaining, but it is still a comic book! How can anyone take a character seriously who sprouts 18″ inch razor sharp stainless steel talons each time he gets riled? If this is your cup of tea by all means go see it. It certainly isn’t mine.

6 thoughts on “LOGAN (2017)

  1. I saw this film today and though it was not my cup of tea for all the reasons you say, I can understand how some would like it. I have friends in the business and pretty much it is coming up with mixed reactions from them, but not for its comic book attributes. Most are saying that Hugh Jackman made the character his own and did it phenomenally and therefore because of that Logan went out gracefully, as only he could.

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