Last Day Worked

20150317_164516.jpgSo this happened…

During the last hour of the last day of work at my last job ever, I got a call from a customer who wanted to come by and take a look at a Chrysler Town and Country van.

“What time do you close?” she asked .

“6:00, ” I said. But if you get here before six I will be happy to show it to you.”

“OK. We are on our way.”

It had been a slow day and Gidget, the sales manager, was sitting on the other side of the partition with two other sales people shooting the breeze. A little time passed and I thought I better tell Gidget I had a customer coming.

“No you don’t!” She protested.

“Yes I do!” I insisted.

A little more time passed and no customer. The phone rings.

“Hi! This is Sasha. Sorry, we got tied up but we are on our way now!”

“OK, good. See you when you get here!”

Gidget yells from behind the partition. “Is that your customer?”


“Well she better get here quick, I’m not staying here all night!”

“She’s on here way.”

A little more time passes and no customer.

“Ben, I’m going to kick your ass!”

About this time the front windows of the showroom light up with the headlights of a car.

“There she is now,” I said, as I started towards the front door.

“You better sell that car in 20 minutes,” Rod, one of the other sales people says. “Cause were going home at six!”

“I’ve done it before,” I said with confidence.

So, I go out the front door and meet and greet the customer and show her the car.

“Yep, this is the car I want!” She says. How long will it take to tell me what you will give me for my trade?”

“Well, let’s go in, and see if we can put a deal together.”

So we went in and sat at my desk and Gidget looked at her car and we put some numbers together and agreed on price. We had a deal! The only thing was we had to do was secure financing. So I took a credit application and told the customer we would work it out on Monday for them. She was happy and left. We all got out of there by 6:00 pm but I had to come back on Monday evening to deliver the car!

Ha! That’s what I love about the car business! Just when I thought I was getting out, they pulled me back in again! It’s all good. The customer got the car she wanted and I made another sale before I left and I left on a good note and an up beat!

Now I am gone and happy as a lark!







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