All Gall is Divided

E M Cioran

I am reading a book by E. M. Cioran entitled, All Gall is Divided. It is a book of aphorisms. I did not know how much I really loved aphorisms until I stared reading this book. I mean I have always liked them but now I see them for the art form they really are.

Aphorisms pack a lot of punch in a small packet of words. They are perfect for Facebook status updates and twitter tweets.

Now, unmuzzle thy wisdom dear aphorism and give us an example. Don’t mind if I do: Dislocated monads, here we are at the end of our prudent mopes, our well planned anomalies: more than one sign heralds the hegemony of delirium.

Now, ain’t that beautiful?

6 thoughts on “All Gall is Divided

  1. I do wordplays which are not aphorisms. My fun post about Jane’s in the public eye started with that “Sweet Jane” song which Lou Reed wrote, then Velvet Underground sang, currently being sung by Cowboy Junkies. Other favorite wordplays are on the word, “frames” and the meaning of regret.


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