St. Vincent


Bill Murray Bill Murray Bill Murray. One of the funniest and emotionally appealing films of the year. Bill Murray turns in an Oscar worthy performance as the curmudgeonly neighbor and Naomi Watts knocks it out of the park as the pregnant Russian hooker.


45 thoughts on “St. Vincent

  1. I am one who writes too long of essays or articles but love popular culture. I include music, movies and art in my dealings with relationships. Funny, lately I had science and history lessons included. I will need to get this fine movie, I like Bill Murray and enjoy him in many of his funny roles. He can be a good serious actor, too.

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    • Yes, Benn! The early days of SNL were classic and funny. I still enjoy stopping in to see who is there, since most of the ones who practice and use their comedic talent there, currently will be our ‘future’ comedians and comediennes. I like the show to see the traditional musicians, actors and public personas using their comedic side or approach.

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    • I saw St. Vincent and enjoyed it, Benn. I felt that the only small disappointment was when Bill’s character took the boy’s money. I did guess the best part of his sweet, irascible person, “who” he visited with the boy at the nursing home. That boy was fantastic and the ending went perfectly. Thanks for recommending it. πŸ™‚

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  2. Benn, I got this from my library with the label of Boomerang movie. You return it in 3 days while most movies are a week long takeout.
    I loved it. Perfect job by Melissa McCarthy playing a worn out divorced nurse with no over the top comedy bits. Naomi was really unique but I grew to like her unbelievable role. The boy is fantastic. Does his role straight faced. About Bill’s rotten character, some of my friends wished he could have NOT taken the boy’s savings. Murray is a pro at playing quirky and irascible roles. Almost like good old Jack Nicholson. The end makes it all better. Glad there are a few surprises in this plot, too. πŸ™‚

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  3. Benn, I borrowed a movie from the library which made me think I needed to tell you about it. The film is called, “Aloha,” with a nice love story, Hawaiian native tribal rituals and a wacky eccentric guy who wants to send a space ship up into Hawaiian skies. Bradley Cooper, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone are in this. It is not full of swearing, sexual scenes or violence. Just basically fun with a couple of plot twists. Take care, Robin

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