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I am not altogether happy with my voting experience in Kentucky. I live in a blue city in a red state for starters. The living is not too bad but the politics sucks. Kentuckians hate Obama and they love coal. Big money talks and bullshit walks. In this case in the form of Mitch McConnell. Obama is now seeming willing to sip some Kentucky bourbon with Mitch when a few months ago he scoffed at the idea (…”you have a drink with Mitch McConnell).

My voting experience was at a Presbyterian church which is a clear violation of the separation of the church and state doctrine it seems to me and none to welcoming to non-Christians and atheists. And there were signs all around announcing ID required to vote which is discouraging to minorities and young people and is tantamount to a poll tax which is unconstitutional.

Needless to say I was disappointed by the results of the election,  but as the president said, the voters have spoken and he hears them loud and clear. But did they really? With low voter turn out the electorate was not truly represented and therefore the results were skewed.

For those who did vote for the life of me I cannot fathom why men and women would vote against their own interests. As Bill Mahr said those who didn’t vote were dumb and those who voted for the GOP were dumber. So it was a clear cut case of dumb and dumber.

Just for the record here are some economics stats comparing the state of the economy when Obama first took office until now: 2009 Dow Jones Index was $7949 now It’s $17390.  Unemployment. was 7.8 now It’s 5.9. GDP growth went from -5.4 to 4.6.Deficit GDP %  from 9.8 to 2.8. Consumer confidence rose from 37.7 to 94.5%.

These are impressive stats. There can only be one reason the results of the election turned out the way that they did and that’s because of the hatred of Obama.

2 thoughts on “ID Required

  1. I am and always will be a Democrat. I am appalled at my later age job, at a warehouse where only a dozen of 300 workers voted Republican. How do I know this? We were freely given an opportunity at both of Pres. Obama’s inaugurations to ‘stay on the clock’ to watch them. To bring our lunch and see the first black president. Oh, they had one hundred chairs set out in a large room, one where we meet for our quarterly meetings. They moved the group of ten people into the smaller conference room, had the janitor and maintenance men in the next room taking down and putting away the chairs. The black woman, Cheryl, turned to me and held my hand when Pres. Obama spoke, tears dripping openly down her face, saying, “I never thought I would live to see this day, Robin.” I am also appalled at few union supporters there are, how few people are kind to others, when they should be. It is a selfish world. I hear ‘sexist’ and racial comments daily. I was a teacher, which makes this seem like a big change but when I worked in a rural school system, the superintendent of schools said I could create a balance on the staff, in my being from the ‘big city’ of Cleveland, Ohio. I live in a republican town but my kids are democrats, by golly! Smiles, Robin


    • Thanks for the comments Robin. I think you might guess my political affiliation. I am quite proud of our President and I am looking forward to the first female president! Cheers! And thanks for stopping by, btw. Come again! I enjoy hearing from you!


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