Gorillas in the Mist

Thought of the Day

Photo by the author

In the final analysis, we are all just gorillas in the mist, flesh, and bone and a hank of hair, with weird personality traits and a funny thing called consciousness. I think Jung had it right, but we must remember the German language doesn’t distinguish between mind and soul. The mind does not perceive the mind just a sharp knife cannot cut itself, so it is with the mind, and ultimate reality is beyond the scope of the intellect.


2 thoughts on “Gorillas in the Mist

  1. I’ve often thought that ultimate reality – what lies ‘beyond’ if you will – is beyond our scope of comprehension as humans. We’re incredible intelligent with our cognitive abilities, but maybe part of that should include being wise enough to know we may never know it all.

    Like gorillas in the mist… I like that! I’m feeling like a gorilla lately, bundled up in too many layers because it’s so cold. Pretty sure gorillas look cuter than this.

    Hope you’re keeping as well as possible 😊

    Caz x

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