Dream of Fair to Middling Women

A Novel by Samuel Beckett

Book Blurb

Dream of Fair to Middling Women is Samuel Beckett’s first novel which he wrote in a fever pitch at age 26 and could not get published in Ireland due to it’s salacious content. He kept it under wraps his whole life and it was published posthumously a little while after his death per his wishes. He referred to it as “The chest into which I threw my wild thoughts.” It is a tour-de-force in rhetorical bombast and a great deal fun to read, small on plot, strong on wordplay.

2 thoughts on “Dream of Fair to Middling Women

  1. I’ve heard of this but never read it. Just enquired with Mr Google as to its origins, and it was first published in 1932, described as ‘clearly autobiographical’. According to Wiki, there are two themes: “a rejection of realism in characters and the novel itself… and an anti-feminism, or perhaps an anti-sexuality, disavowing the possibility of sexual relations”. Interesting.. did it come across like that to you, anti-feminist/anti-sex?
    Caz x

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  2. Hi Caz! No it didn’t come across to me as anti-feminist or anti-sexual. In fact it was quite sexually explicit in his own inimitable way. It was definitely told from a male point of view but it seemed to me he was just having fun with all the word play. Thanks for your your thoughtful comments. You are always welcome on my pages. Be well! Benn X

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