A poem by William Carlos Williams

Illustrated by Benn Bell

Dedicated to Ginger Peacock Jones

Artist 1

Mr T.  bareheaded in a soiled undershirt

Artist 2

his hair standing out on all sides

Artist 3

stood on his toes heels together

Artist 4

arms gracefully for the moment curled above his head.

Artist 5

Then he whirled about bounded into the air

Artist 6

and with an entrechat perfectly achieved
completed the figure.

Artist 7 Dancer

My mother
taken by surprise
where she sat
in her invalid’s chair
was left speechless.

Artist 8

Bravo! she cried at last
and clapped her hands.

Artist 9


The man’s wife came from the kitchen: What goes on here? she said.

Artist 10

But the show was over.


Artist 11 last




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