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Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde is long on style but short on substance. More art and less matter you might say. The plot is a little messy and hard to follow. But that didn’t seem to matter too much to me while watching it as it was gorgeous to look and riveted my attention throughout its 115 minute run time.

The movie takes place in Berlin, on the eve of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the cold war among the shifting alliances of the various powers, super and otherwise. Charlize Theron plays Loraine Broughton, an MI6 spy, who is sent to Berlin to deal with an espionage ring that has recently killed an undercover agent. It is her mission to root out a suspected double agent. Plenty of mayhem and action sequences ensue.

I normally don’t like action thriller movies but this is a cut above the rest and is done extraordinarily well. The director, David Leitch,  was himself a stuntman on many movies and co-directed the cult classic John Wick. This is his directorial debut.

Charlize Theron is a wonder as the ice cold action hero of this thriller doing hand to hand combat with an assortment of Russian goons and East German Secret Police. She is gorgeous to look at and a sexual bombshell.

The action set pieces and stunts just keep on coming and are extremely well orchestrated as a finely tuned choreographed ballet of violence. They are clever, original, and brilliantly executed.

Great summer fun, two thumbs way up!

5 thoughts on “ATOMIC BLONDE (2017)

  1. Two thumbs up sounds promising. I can overlook substance (perhaps I should say I don’t have to look too closely) if I’m kept riveted. Is it very serious, or can I get a laugh or two out of it? My daughter wants to see the movie with me.


  2. I really wanted to like this film and espionage is a favourite, but the non-stop heroine-inflicted carnage was the most inauthentic I’ve seen for a while. When will filmmakers realise that to portray strong women you dont just make them more violent than men.

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  3. I wouldn’t often say this, but I’d recommend this one for the action alone. That sequence in the stairwell was pulsating to watch. I couldn’t tell which way the fight was going to go. I like that they didn’t wimp out on that.

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