The day I met Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash At Newport

One evening in the bleak December back in the 1970’s I was sitting in one Louisville’s famed dens of iniquities, Rhiney’s Go Go Bar and Lounge. The Rick Hipple Duo was playing for our listening enjoyment. Rick Hipple was on the the organ and sang vocals while his partner Lou Stanfield played the drums. I was there with my girlfriend, Lynn of the pretty green panties.

The band had just finished playing a rousing version of Dixie, Of course back in those days whenever a band played Dixie everyone stood up took off they hats and put their hands over their hearts.

Lynn and I had just re-seated ourselves and I was trying to get the waitress’s attention for another round of drinks when the door of the establishment flew open and out of the cold night a man dressed in black and a whole entourage of people trailing behind him filed into the bar.

The man in black approached the bandstand and wrestled the microphone away from ole Rick Hipple and said into the mic with a bit of a slur, “Hi, I’m Johnny Cash, how do you do!”

He looked back at the astonished face of Rick Hipple and said, “Orange Blossom Special,” which Rick commenced to playing.

Now these were the days before Johnny was acquainted with June Carter which is to say he was still a pretty wild character. And that character was on full display that night. He was all liquored up on that roadhouse corn and he stood there swaying in the spotlight slurring his words and trying his best to get through that song.

“Well, I’m going down to Florida and get some sand in my shoes…”

Well, that was the night I met Johnny Cash. A night I will never forget.







  1. Tjis was a fantastic true story and you are so lucky to have been in the right place at right time.
    The Orange Blossom Special is great!
    I love the song, “Ring of Fire” and actually liked the Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon film a lot, Benn.
    My children went to a place, a campground called Ponderosa Park. They heard the Carter sisters sing. My parents had a membership called the Good Sam Club. My Dad didn’t like country except Elvis, the Carter sisters and Johnny Cash. They didn’t have Johnny alive then, so they nodded their heads and swayed to the old fashioned tunes. My parents loved their grandchildren, as well as they loved them! 🙂 💞

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  2. Yes, I was in the right place at the right time, that’s for sure! Ring of Fire is one of my favorite songs by Johnny Cash, Also, I Walk The Line. I loved the Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon movie too!


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