Beauty and the Beast

Frank and Elise

Beauty and the Beast

Dear Elise:


I finally got to see Beauty and the Beast. You were right, I loved it. I know that it appealed to the little girl in you. I always loved that little girl, as much as I loved her older sister.


I don’t know who was your beast but you were always my beauty.




PS: I know the main reason you loved the movie was that they lived:



8 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. Aww, Benn this is very nice of you to write this about the young woman you have seen grow up. To accept her and care about her must be nice to have you on her side!
    I think we all imagine our “goodness” may somehow transform someone. I have found if someone is broken in spirit, they “may” never change or become who you were imagining they could be.
    It’s possible, but not probable.
    So, the beast has to be already gentle and good inside, but hopefully this fairy tale doesn’t become misunderstood particularly by young, innocent women or male “dreamers.”

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