Highway 109

At day’s end I climb into my auto gleaming

And like a silver salmon swimming

I move along the concrete streams of

Interstate highway 109

Drawn by unseen demons dancing

Ever splashing onward dashing into rays yellow slanting

On I go swiftly moving navigating smoothly

Through white waters in my head and in my soul

Alpha beta delta theta waving pulsing and convulsing

Extolling precious price for previous postures

Whipping weakened weary body

Into flagging frazzled frenzy likely shocking sons and daughters

And ladies of innocence

But before all is lost control is gained and once

More forward moving I gather speed and momentum

Falling headlong into Revelations

Breaking through seals one through seven

I scream with pain to the terrible crushing roar

Of the silence in the dark of the deep

Heavy impenetrable void of the black

Silent mystery we know as God-

Let us pray.





4 thoughts on “Highway 109

  1. This is so poetic or lyrical, Benn. It is sad how travel doesn’t always seem to just go with the flow. The hustle and bustle of life creates quick trips not meandering paths. . . Hugs, Robin


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