War and Rumors of War

Lessons from History

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Once we are through with the 1619 project perhaps, we could move on to the Vietnam War Project.

While we are at it and are stressing over our fighting a proxy war with Russia and fearing the possibility of a nuclear confrontation let us remember that we (the USA) are the only country in history to drop an atomic bomb on another country. And it was we who let the nuclear genie out of the bottle in the first place. One can only hope that we don’t inherit the wind.

And let us not forget we fire-bombed Tokyo, another civilian target, nearly burning that city to the ground. Robert Macnamara, the Secretary of Defense at that time, is quoted as saying that if we had lost the war he would surely have been tried as a war criminal.

This is not to say that we should not condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its merciless targeting of civilians, but as the saying goes, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. There is a reason we are not signatories to the International Criminal Court.

We can do better and we are doing better I think, but let us not forget from whence we came for he who forgets the lessons of history is forever bound to repeat them. Rather, let us be a beacon of hope to those who love freedom and a keeper of the eternal flame of remembrance for those who have fought and died in war.

6 thoughts on “War and Rumors of War

  1. Talvez seja um dos últimos ocidentais que tem um espírito crítico ao atual momento. A partir desse artigo muito esclarecedor escrevendo sobre guerra você cita essa frase embremática que é ‘uma guerra por procuração com a Rússia e temendo a possibilidade de um confronto nuclear, lembremos que nós (os EUA) somos o único país na história a lançar uma bomba atômica em outro país. E fomos nós que deixamos o gênio nuclear sair da garrafa em primeiro lugar. Só podemos esperar que não herdemos o vento’.

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  2. Yes. The US was born and bred on war, and indeed, it dropped the first two (and so far, only) nuclear bombs on another country. The whole world is afraid of us, which is why so many other countries have nuclear arsenals.

    In any case, funding and building arsenals of any description suggests a focus on war, even if you pay war contractors to ship them to supposed allies, such as Zelenskyy in Ukraine.

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  3. I don’t think many people realize how USA continued to barrage Japan after they had no air defenses. The USA removed defensive weapons from their aircraft because they didn’t need them. The firebombing was so intense and done at low altitude so the pilots had to remove their oxygen masks or else they would puke in them because they could smell flesh burning. Countless bombings of civilians in wooden homes. There was never any justification for the bomb, it was revenge for Pearl Harbour and for POW treatment and Truman admitted it and then recanted it. Glass houses indeed.

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  5. Não podemos esqueçer que aquele que esquece as lições da história está sempre fadado a repeti-las. Portanto, não há santos no Ocidente. Para mi não passam de genocidas, e no Leste também são tão genocidas. Faço uma pergunta, porquê que a OTAN faz tanta questão de chegarem as fronteiras da Rússia? Alguém pode responder essa. Ninguém dá algo sem ter fatura à ser cobrada com juros comercial, mais a correção.

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