Failure of Leadership

Rant of the day

Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s recent refusal to wear masks (PPE) in violation of their own public health guidelines is a dangerous failure of leadership and a dereliction of duty. The first principle of leadership is to lead by example. When I worked in manufacturing this is a lesson, I repeatedly pounded home during out daily staff meetings and production meetings. Our employees were required to wear PPE on the factory floor to ensure their safety. If our supervisors and mangers wouldn’t wear the PPE, then neither would the rank and file employees. Lead by example! And if you can’t do that, then get out of the way. You have no business being in a position of leadership.

7 thoughts on “Failure of Leadership

  1. I like how you used your own experience to relate to a current event. As a father I never rode a bike without wearing a helmet and my kids wear helmets, my Dad put on a seatbelt when they put them in cars, and wearing a seatbelt is 2nd nature now.
    As much as possible I reserve my feedback on US politics as I am a Canadian however the premise here is that leadership walks the talk. At any level.

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  2. You are bang on with your point Benn. I don’t see it as a rant, rather as making a valid point. In Canada, where hockey is big, we made helmets mandatory about 10 years ago for coaches on the practice ice. However, many years earlier I was involved in a learn to play hockey organization and we made it mandatory. A number of “coaches” challenged us on this and I responded,. “Try having an arguement with a 4 year old who understands the world only in concrete terms. Do you think you will win the arguement?” Most of the “coaches’ were parents who understood my point. We lead most by example, rather than words. Those we lead look to us to lead with those examples and notice the inconsistencies, intentional or not.

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