Well, we are in a new presidential election cycle. It seems only yesterday that the monster Donald Trump was foisted upon us.  There is literally nothing more important than removing him from office, either through the ballot box or otherwise. We have a rather large field of Democratic candidates. Should be an interesting primary season.

My favorites include Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke,and Julian Castro. Any combination of these candidates would work for me. Of course, the most important consideration, in my view, would be electability and the ability to defeat Trump. Although I do think it might be questionable if Trump lasts long enough to run. If he does, we are all in danger.

I believe the electorate needs and wants a female candidate and a person of color on the ticket. I think it is high time we have a woman president or vice president. There is no question that Hillary Clinton was robbed last go round.

Joe Biden has the most experience, has the most gravitas, and is the most presidential. He would restore much needed decorum to the office and the land. However, he has some drawbacks. He has some things in his past which will bear scrutiny when his record is examined. Also, his age and gender might work against him. Do we really need another old white guy in the Oval Office? But, if he agreed to one term and chose a younger running mate, it might work.

I like Kamala Harris. She impressed me by her intelligent questioning in some of the congressional hearings that she has taken part in. She has an impressive record and background and I agree with her on many policy issues. Also, of all the candidates, she has got social media down to a science. A necessary ingredient in today’s world.

Cory Booker appeared on my radar while I was living in New Jersey and he was mayor of Newark. Quite an impressive fellow and a man to watch. Elizabeth Warren has the best record on consumer rights of any candidate and of any congressperson ever. This is a subject close to my heart she gets extra point for this.

Beto O’Rourke reminds me of a young Bobby Kennedy and he brought democrats together in Texas. He could turn the state Blue and would be a valuable asset on a ticket.

We will just have to see how all this shakes out. Can’t wait for the debates. Let the games begin!



7 thoughts on “ELECTION 2020

  1. I agree on the need to see Trump removed from office (the icing on the cake would be an indictment on criminal charges once he’s out).

    In 2016, I’d hoped that Warren would run. Since then I think she’s been a bit damaged.

    My early favorite was Amy Klobuchar from a pragmatic point of view. While she leans further to the right than I do I saw her as someone who could possibly appeal to mid-America more than a Kamala Harris. I was underwhelmed however by Klobuchar’s CNN town hall. As a result I viewed a couple of Harris’ town hall meetings and was impressed enough to jump ship to Harris.

    My big fear for 2020 is that Schultz (Do we need another businessman experiment?) and Sanders will muck things up enough to put Trump back in the White House.

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  2. I must admit we don’t hear as much about the potential candidates over here in the UK so I don’t know as much about Kamala. I do think that a female president would be incredible, so I hope of the women running there are competent, strong, decisive yet down-to-earth candidates in the running. It’s almost odd that Clinton removed herself. Wonder what would have happened if she were on the list this time around.

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