Media is the Enemy



Donald Trump recently tweeted the above loathsome comment in his ongoing battle with the press. White nationalist, chief strategist, and senior presidential adviser, Steve Bannon, has said the press is the opposition party. Senator John McCain has described these words as the words of a dictator.

Freedom of the press is perhaps the freedom that has suffered the most from the sudden degradation of our liberty under the tyranny of would be dictator Donald Trump. With freedom of the press we cannot be sure of moving towards justice but without it we can be sure we are not going there.  Justice is done when the rights of the people are recognized and there is no right without freedom of expression.

We must be vigilant regarding this principle of freedom of the press which is enshrined in our constitution and is the first right enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

Whoever does violence to the truth or to its expression eventually mutilates justice. Censorship and oppression prove that the word is enough to make tyrants tremble. Every lowly person, when he rises up from oppression, reaffirms by so acting the solidarity of all men. Only he who is uncompromising as to his rights maintains this sense of duty. The great citizens of a country are not those who genuflect before authority, but rather those who rise up against authority, if need be, and are adamant to the honor and freedom of our great country.

You see the protest in the streets. What is beginning is a period of indomitable men and women devoted to the unconditional defense of liberty. Those who, like me, have broken with friends and family by the rejection of any complicity with parties, whether on the right or left, that justify the suppression of a single one of our liberties.





6 thoughts on “Media is the Enemy

  1. I wakeup every single day wondering why this guy is still ‘President’. Unfit doesn’t begin to cover it. And his whole racist, misogynist and a gazillion other things, gang of idiots. ….

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  2. It is most disappointing about how people around me, almost all my co-workers feel he is “an improvement” and “for us.” God help me keep my mouth shut so I don’t waste my time on people who won’t change (possibly ever.)

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  3. How does this post age? Now the “mainstream media” is backtracking some of its posts about Russia Collusion and deleting others to cover up their misinformation. Looks like Donald Trump had good reason to attack the “mainstream media.” And I’m not even a Trump supporter.


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