“I look at clouds from both sides now”

6 thoughts on “Clouds

  1. Oh Timi you make me think. And when I think I get a headache! OK. Here goes. I will try to answer your question when really all I want to do is be lazy and post cryptic messages. You make me want to be a better man! OK now I said it!

    I look at clouds from both sides now is a song lyric written by Joni Mitchell appropriated, some would say misappropriated, by me. It was written by her when she was twenty-one. To give you her meaning would be to get inside her head which I can’t do but I can tell you what I think. She is making a statement, I think, about the duality of existence and the difficulty in understanding reality in light of the fact that reality is just an illusion just like the shapes of clouds sometimes look like various objects or animals, but in reality they are only clouds. I look at clouds from both sides now.

    Now I have added another level of meaning by posting my photograph of what appears to be a turtle flying in a cloud formation but is really swimming (flying) in water which is reflecting the clouds. I look at clouds from both sides now.

    I could say more but you get the idea. Now, I need to get an aspirin. 🙂

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  2. Benn, gorgeous photo overlay.
    I like Joni’s “newer” rendition in the past ten years of so, with a more whiskey voiced in a world weary tone. When it says, “I really don’t know clouds/life/love she makes a real point, as many of us still don’t understand those things YET! 🙂

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