The Lotus Flower


25499624395_42005e9942_o(1)The lotus flower pure and fragrant is unsullied by the muddy water in which it grows. It symbolizes the beauty and dignity of our humanity that is brought forth from the sufferings of daily reality. The fruit of the lotus plant develops simultaneously with the flower. When the flower opens, the fruit is there within it. This illustrates the principle of the simultaneity of cause and effect. The principle of the simultaneity of cause and effect clarifies that our lives are fundamentally equipped with the great life state of the Buddha and that the attainment of Buddhahood is possible by simply opening up and bringing forth this state.



4 thoughts on “The Lotus Flower

  1. Benn, this has such lovely symbolisms. The lotus flower is beautiful and also reminds me of symbiotic relationships, where life is dependent on another’s life. Two life forces, water and plant join together in so many ways, including photosynthesis and emission of oxygen, another life force. In Buddhism, the use of force is frowned upon, I am sure. Have a peaceful day, Benn.


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