Merry Prankster

Black Power

This has been posted before but it it a great story and one I really like. Also I have a story to tell about it. Back in the oughts I worked in a glass manufacturing factory in South Jersey. I was a staff one manager which meant I pretty much helped run the place. Sometimes I’d get a wild hair and walk out into the factory to the so called “hot end” and squarely plant my feet on the oily surface of the floor and lower my head and raise my clenched fist in a black power salute to the workers. We were about 30% black. The black workers got a kick out of it, the white workers didn’t know what to think, and it drove the other managers wild. Hahaha! I have always been an exponent of Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters philosophy and I never miss an opportunity to engage.

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