As a labor relations manager, I have been on the opposite sides of many labor disputes. I have often been toe to toe with union presidents and once accused of trying to steal daylight past a rooster. I have been charged with drawing up yellow dog contracts and had fingers wagged in my face. I have turned a poor labor climate into a good labor climate. Yet, throughout it all I have never been anti-unions. I have always thought that unions have an important role to play and a significant place to hold in the history of the American workforce and labor market. Unions provide workers protections and wages that they never would have had otherwise. And I have always believed that a rising tide lifts all boats.

I think the right’s plan to kill unions is a misguided effort by the 1% to to dominate the American workforce to keep wages and benefits low and maximize control of the means of production.

2 thoughts on “Unions

  1. My Mom was always a union rep. in the teacher’s association. She only had to strike once, never held it against the ones who crossed the picket line to put food on the table.
    my oldest daughter went to art college and works for Kroger’s warehouse. She gets good wages, benefits and is able to go complain, Benn. As you expressed, the Right would like us not to have unions.
    When my grandpa came from Sweden he went to New York technical college. He was passing out socialistic pamphlets when he met my grandma from Getmany. Not about work unions; still a Union of marriage. 🙂


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