Inequality and the Theory of Justice

DSC_0039 - Copy

The fundamental rate of inequality continues to grow in America and throughout the world. According to John Stuart Mill, there are six things that constitute injustice: 1) depriving people of things that they have a legal right to, 2) depriving them of things which they have a moral right, 3) people not obtaining what they deserve, 4) breaking faith with people, 5) being partial, and 6) treating people unequally. It is this last we are primarily concerned with as equal liberty is the first principle

Social and economic inequalities are justified only if they result in compensatory benefits for everyone, particularly those who are most disadvantaged.

Inequality of wealth accompanying inequality of power tends to produce inequality of liberty. The fundamental rate of inequality is a problem currently facing America and the rest of the globe. Even though the economy is recovering and growing stronger, large numbers of people are being left behind. Hiring is going on everywhere but it is primarily in entry level service type jobs paying minimum wage, which everyone knows is not a living wage.

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