Justice and Freedom

Wall Street Prisoner

Some things defy simplification the way Hamlet defies augury. The reconciliation between individual freedom and the collective organization of society is just such an example. To put it more succinctly, how does one reconcile justice with freedom? There some who say that these two principles are contradictory, therefore mutually exclusive. Individual freedom is for the Wall Street Banker while justice is for the Main Street crowd. Justice for all means a sacrifice of individual freedom for the good of all. This is the theory of utility ethics.
Christianity seems to suggest a solution since its essence is grounded on the sacrifice of the innocent. Justice, however cannot be obtained without rebellion. Main Street must barricade Wall Street.
There is nothing else more worth living for in this unjust and corrupt world than the daunting task of establishing justice and preserving freedom for those who are destined from birth to live a life of servitude.
When we think about social themes we should think about the individual. Whenever we think about the individual, we must think about the good of all.

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