Allied is an entertaining piece of fluff that has arrived just in time for the holidays. We have seen it all before with better actors and better writing. Casablanca comes to mind. As a matter of fact the film begins in Casablanca and makes continuous reference to it throughout.

Of course Brad Pitt  and Marion Cotillard are movie stars of the first rank and are beautiful to behold. I have a theory that movie stars are our demigods of today and provide for us what the demigods of old provided for the ancient Greeks, which is not a bad thing, and in fact is a lot of fun.

Director Robert Zemeckis has provide us with a well structured film with a good story that is beautiful to look at. Marvelous piece of escapism. Highly recommend!


The Immigrant

Saw this film tonight. It was a 2013 release. This is what I go to the movies for. It had a terrific story and interesting characters who demonstrated the full range of emotion and transformation as they struggled to survive resulting in the triumph of the human spirit. If there is any actor alive today any better than Joaquin Phoenix I don’t know who it is. Marion Cotillard was radiant as the Immigrant. Two thumbs way up!