Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello readers. I am posting today an introduction. I am doing so as part of a Blogging 101 exercise but also as a way of actually introducing myself and getting to know you better. I am new to blogging but have always been interested in writing.

I am here because I love to write and I seek an audience. I want to improve my writing and hone my blogging skills. I will be writing about a variety of topics that interest me and I hope will interest you too.

I will be writing about culture, both pop and otherwise, art, photography, books, movies, current events, politics, philosophy and religion. I am particularly interested in Eastern Religions such as Buddhism.  Over time I may narrow my focus or create separate blogs, but for now I will contain everything  in one place.

I want to connect with people of like minded interests who have exciting ideas to share. I hope to find an audience and a readership that will continue to grow. I have already posted a number if pieces and I invite you to take a look at them. Feedback and comments are welcome.

6 thoughts on “Allow Me to Introduce Myself

  1. Hello Benn, nice to meet you. I’ve read some of your book and movie reviews and enjoyed them. We’re in for an eclectic mix, which I trust you’ll do justice to with your strong writing style. I’ll stay tuned. Welcome to blogging!

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